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Ultimate Hockey Transformation Pro Package

Dear Friend,

Over the last 10 years, hockey has changed.The game is faster, and the players are quicker, stronger, and better conditioned than ever before.

Simply, as the game changes, so too must the preparation.

Unfortunately, most players don’t have access to a quality hockey-specific strength and conditioning coach or facility.

You, like many players, may have to resort to borrowing old programs handed down from your friend older sibling’s former junior or college team, or searching around the internet for exercises that internet experts claim are the best for hockey players.

Even worse, you may be following the perpetual trend of high school students to use old school body building methods that have almost no application to on-ice improvements. If Monday is “Chest Day”, I’m talking to you!

There is a monstrous disconnect between what youth, junior, and even some college players are doing and the programs of the top collegiate and professional teams.

I know, because I hear from S&C Coaches at these programs about how woefully unprepared most new players are. The reality is that most youth players:

  1. Don’t train at all
  2. Don’t train in any way that will help them progress on the ice
  3. Train themselves into injury
  4. Train themselves OUT of next-level opportunities

Fortunately, now you have an opportunity to get yourself on track, to start preparing off the ice in a way that will accelerate your on-ice development.

Kevin NeeldMy name is Kevin Neeld, and I am the President of Endeavor Sports Performance, a 6,500 sq ft training facility that specializes in training hockey players outside of Philadelphia in the small town of Pitman, NJ.

You read that right; we specialize in training hockey players…in South Jersey!

In addition to being responsible for designing all of the programs for a Tier I youth organization that consistently ranks as one of the best in the country, every Summer I have a group of ~50 junior, college, and professional players that move back to the area to train.

Using specific training methods, I’ve helped players make the transition from youth to juniors,  juniors to college, and juniors or college to pro.

Endeavor-2This is home.

“Kevin’s programs have helped me develop the speed and quickness I need to compete at the highest levels”

Johnny Gaudreau

(Bruce Fedyck, USA TODAY Sports)

“I’ve trained with Kevin since before my first year in the USHL. As a smaller guy, having the ability to create time and space has been crucial to my success. Kevin’s programs have helped me develop the speed and quickness I need to compete at the highest levels, and the conditioning to continue pushing the pace late in games.  If you’re looking to fulfill your potential on the ice, Kevin is the guy to help you get there.”Johnny “Hockey” Gaudreau
Calgary Flames, NHL
2015 NHL All-Star
2014 Hobey Baker Winner

“Kevin has been a major factor in helping me excel at the professional level.”

Eric Tangradi“As a professional athlete, training with Kevin has given me the guidance and programs to train at an elite level. Over the past 5 years I continue to learn more about my body and how far it can be pushed. Through his programs I have seen significant gains that I have noticed on and off the ice. His attention to detail has helped me maintain my body and prevent injuries. I can honestly say Kevin has been a major factor in helping me excel at the professional level.”

Eric Tangradi
Winnipeg Jets, NHL

Colby Cohen“I have spent the last 5 years training with Kevin. In that time, we have done everything from off-ice training, nutrition planning, soft-tissue, deep tissue, and hip capsule mobilization work, and more. I have always been very particular in my training and have had a lot of injuries and structural limitations in my body that I’ve needed to work around. This hasn’t affected my training one bit, as Kevin has individualized and altered my programs to fit my specific needs. I have worked with some of the “top” people in the world, and can honestly say that Kevin stands above the rest.”

Colby Cohen
Providence Bruins, AHL

“I give 100% credit to my off-season program.

Anthony DeAngelo“Ever since I started working out with Kevin at Endeavor, I have done nothing but get better. He taught me the right way to train. Every goal I’ve set for myself to translate on the ice, I’ve hit, and I give 100% credit to my off-season program. I won’t train with anyone else!”

Anthony DeAngelo
Sarnia Sting, OHL

“You will see…how committed he is to making you into a better player than you had imagined.”

Jeff Buvinow “Kevin Neeld’s dedication to the sport of hockey is the driving force behind his success and the success of his athletes. Every aspect of his work is specialized to the individual needs of his athletes. His passion has allowed me to reach new heights I would not have been able to achieve without him, at the collegiate and professional level. My individual programs have made me into a more complete player. On the ice, I feel like I am a more balanced player. Every aspect of my game has seen improvement: speed, agility, cardio, and strength. As a smaller player, I am never outmatched physically.If you want to compete on the ice with the best, you have to train off the ice with the best. Kevin has proven himself as one of the elite trainers in the nation. You will see from Day One how detailed his work is and how committed he is to making you into a better player than you had imagined.”Jeff Buvinow
Brown University, NCAA D1
Arizona Sundogs, CHL

“I would not be playing where I am without him.”

Buddy Robinson“After training with Kevin Neeld for several years now, I can say without a doubt that I would not be playing where I am without him. Hockey is a sport that is constantly changing and Kevin has mastered the ability to evolve his training programs to give each individual exactly what they need to perform at their best on and off the ice.

Kevin has pushed me to accomplish goals that I didn’t think possible. My speed and explosiveness, along with the conditioning on the ice were dramatically improved after starting with Kevin. Kevin’s knowledge has helped in my training in ways I didn’t know existed when first starting with him. Along with great weight lifting programs, he includes corrective exercises to meet each individual’s needs. These go a long way in keeping us healthy and injury free during a long season.”

Buddy Robinson
Lake Superior State, NCAA D1
Binghamton Senators, AHL

Jack Walchessen“There is a reason I made the four hour round-trip drive to train with Kevin during my off-season.  His innovative and scientifically-backed training programs helped bring my on-ice performance to the next level.  Not only did my overall athleticism and confidence on the ice improve, but his thorough knowledge of the body helped rid me of nagging injuries that have hindered my performance during past seasons.  That his knowledge is now readily accessible online will surely benefit hockey players and athletes at all levels throughout the world.”

Jack Walchessen
Peterborough Petes, OHL

“If I hadn’t trained with Kevin, I might not have reached my goal of playing professional hockey.”

Mike Gershon“Training with Kevin has taken me from a Division 3 to an ECHL hockey player. He has personalized my workouts to strengthen areas that had been injured or never been appropriately trained. If I hadn’t trained with Kevin I might not have reached my goal of playing professional hockey.”

Michael Gershon
Wheeling Nailers, ECHL

Broken Sled“Working with Kevin has shown me the importance of maintaining an overall healthy body. From subtle adjustments to my breathing and posture, he has helped me become more aware of the effects of working out with a conscious effort on keeping good form versus just going for heavy weights and lots of reps. Kevin puts quality and health over quantity and it really shows in the performance of the players he works with.”

Chase Hatcher
Peterborough Petes, OHL


Training such a wide spectrum of ages and abilities has given me a unique perspective on what players at each level need to do to succeed at the next.

Whether you’re the most or least skilled player on your team, following a quality training program can have a profound impact on your career.

The players lacking in natural gifts can compete at higher levels by being better prepared physically than their competition. Training is the great equalizer.

Kevin-Neeld-USA-Hockey-Womens-CampWorking with the United States Women’s National Hockey Team

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Notke

The naturally gifted can expand the capacities of the game by adding their incredible skill sets to a more explosive and durable frame.

Simply, you can ALWAYS get better.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked tirelessly to develop, test, and refine an off-ice training system that produces game-changing results.

This system has now been tested by hundreds of players training hard to not only reach the next level, but to dominate there. And now, for the first time ever, this system can be yours…

What is Ultimate Hockey Transformation?
  • Comprehensive hockey-specific off- and in-season training programs for U-14, U-16, U-18, Junior, and College-aged players totaling 120 weeks of programming!
  • An extensive video database demonstrating proper technique for every exercise included in the program
  • A systematic testing battery to track and monitor your training progress over time
  • A recovery monitoring system to ensure you’re progressing through your training while fending off overtraining symptoms
  • A 61-page manual that provides all of the supporting information you need to successfully train using this system!

“His constant drive to develop innovative training methods will undeniably keep his programs at the top of the training spectrum.”

“As a former Junior A, Division I, and Pro hockey player, I’ve had my fair share of strength/nutrition coaches and I can honestly say none compare to the knowledge and care that Kevin Neeld brings to a team. Having the privilege to work beside Kevin for the past 4 years with Team Comcast, both at the U16 & U18 levels, I can truly testify that I have not come across another coach who has such an impact on athletes as Kevin.

His knowledge and expertise in strength training and nutrition are second to none. During his time with Team Comcast he has undoubtedly been a major contributor to helping our players achieving their goals of playing hockey at the next level.

He is a true professional who beyond a doubt cares about the development of young athletes and providing them with the proper foundation to take their playing career to an elite level. His constant drive to develop innovative training methods will undeniably keep his programs at the top of the training spectrum. “

Jeremy Hall
Former Player: USHL, Div 1 UMass Lowell, and ECHL
Head Coach Team Comcast U18
Director of Hockey Operations

In the Ultimate Hockey Transformation Manual alone, you’ll discover:
  • Why real speed training requires a lot more than just doing sprints
  • The specific age ranges where players can accelerate the development of specific athletic qualities
  • What every parent and coach needs to know about weightlifting for kids
  • Shocking research on hip injury risk factors in youth hockey players
  • The most common exercise technique flaws, and key strategies and cues to perfect technique in almost every exercise
  • A comprehensive guide on how to modify or replace exercises based on the equipment you have available
  • Specific symptoms and recovery strategies associated with the two major types of overtraining
  • Simple strategies to maximize your most powerful recovery tool
  • How very predictable asymmetries can wreak havoc on skating, shooting, and injury risk

Ever since my college career ended, I’ve been passionately working to help players exceed even their own expectations.

While I do write about hockey training, I’m not an internet expert. I don’t just sit behind a computer and spout untested theory. I have thousands of hours training hundreds of players at all levels. Training hockey players isn’t a hobby for me. It’s a passion. It’s my career. It’s the reason I’m excited to drive to work every morning.

When you train with one of my programs, you know you’re not only using a program that is built on sound scientific principles and an in-depth understanding of the game, but one that has been tested and delivers REAL results.

Results speak for themselves…

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the results achieved using the Ultimate Hockey Transformation off-season programs:

  1. A USHL player put on 14 lbs of lean mass
  2. A NCAA D1 player added 4″ to his vertical jump
  3. An OHL player added 14° of hip rotation to each hip and significantly improved hip adduction and abduction, two essential motions in the skating stride.
  4. An NAHL player dropped a full second off his 50-yard shuttle test average and decreased his sprint decrement score by 6.6.
  5. An NCAA D1 player improved his reverse lunge from 190 lbs x 5/side to 265 lbs x 16/side
  6. An AHL player improved his reverse lunge from 225 lbs x 5/side, to 265 lbs x 25/side

While “individual results may vary”, this a small sample of what you can expect from following these programs.

I regularly see youth players put on 10-15 lbs of muscle, college players add 3-4″ to their vertical jumps, and players at all levels experience 20-50+% lower body strength increases, all in a single off-season.

This is not marketing hype; these are REAL results.

Ultimate Hockey Transformation Pro Package

Regular Price Elite Package: $147

“…one of the top 5-6 strength and conditioning coaches in the ice hockey world.”

Mike Boyle“In my mind Kevin Neeld is one of the top 5-6 strength and conditioning coaches in the ice hockey world. It’s not often I turn to younger coaches for advice, but Kevin is a guy I count on to be on top of all the latest info, and to use it with his athletes. ”

Michael Boyle
Owner, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, United States Women’s Olympic Team
Strength and Conditioning Consultant, Boston Red Sox

“…continues to push the envelope with his current ideas and methods”

“Kevin Neeld brings a fresh and innovative perspective to Hockey strength and conditioning. He continues to push the envelope with his current ideas and methods which is something that hockey needs.”

Sean Skahan
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Anaheim Ducks


“His depth of knowledge…is only surpassed by his passion and enthusiasm.”

Pete Friesen“I have had the privilege of interacting with Kevin Neeld for some years now. His depth of knowledge in the area of Human Performance and Strength and Conditioning is only surpassed by his passion and enthusiasm for his profession. He truly is a great resource for anyone who trains athletes at any level.”

Pete Friesen
Head Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Carolina Hurricanes
Adjunct Professor Duke University, School of Physical Therapy

“…one of my most trusted resources in the strength and conditioning field.”

Eric Cressey“I’ve known Kevin Neeld for over six years now, and I can say without wavering that he’s one of my most trusted resources in the strength and conditioning field. I would say that it’s remarkable how far Kevin has come since he was an intern at Cressey Performance, but the truth is that we all knew he’d be a big player in this field from his tremendous work ethic, calm, personable demeanor, and genuine interest in helping athletes. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Eric Cressey
President, Cressey Performance – Hudson, MA

“…if you want to be the best, he’s one that you have to train with.”

Brijesh Patel“Kevin Neeld has one of the brightest minds in performance enhancement for hockey athletes. He constantly pushes the envelope on improving himself which ultimately benefits those that he trains and works with. His ability to disseminate research and text books into practical knowledge is outstanding. I’ve implemented things that he’s written and spoken about to help my hockey athletes compete for championships. Kevin is one of the best and if you want to be the best, he’s one that you have to train with.”

Brijesh Patel
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Quinnipiac University

“He is the most knowledgeable strength/fitness specialist that I have ever met”

Alec Shall“Without exception, every player that I have advised to work with Kevin has thanked me for doing so. He is the most knowledgeable strength/fitness specialist that I have ever met, and this is not an accident – he relentlessly keeps himself informed about current thinking and research, and how it applies to his clients.”

Alec Schall
Managing Director, Player Agency
LEGACY Global Sports

“one of the preeminent Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the country.”

Devan McConnell“Kevin Neeld is one of the preeminent Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the country. His knowledge on the latest practices in Performance Training, including the ability to utilize information from the disciplines of Strength and Conditioning, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy is second to none.  This allows him to offer his athletes some of the best development-based programs available. I have personally benefited a great deal from his writing and educational products and much of what I do with my athletes is a direct reflection on the education Kevin provides.”

Devan McConnell
Director of Sports Performance
UMass Lowell

“His products and coaching will take any hockey player to the next level.”

Dan Gabelman“I first met Kevin during my internship with Mike Boyle and the Boston University Hockey team.  Since that time Kevin has become an authority on training hockey players and helping them reach the next level.  He has accomplished this distinction with the same work ethic and attention to detail as he showed the first day we met, by continually investing in his education, visiting other coaches, and in the trenches work with hockey players from bantam to the Pro’s every day.

As the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Union College, I am always striving to find the best information to give my hockey teams every advantage possible.  Kevin’s products have helped shape the training and care of our hockey teams.  In addition, Kevin has personally helped two of our players during the summer prior to their freshmen year at Union.  Each athlete came in prepared and performed as well, if not better, than our upperclassmen in pre-season testing. If you are looking for a Leader in Hockey Sports Performance Training, Kevin Neeld is one of the best.  His products and coaching will take any hockey player to the next level.”

Dan Gabelman, CSCS, PES, USAW, FMS
Union College, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach


What Do You Get In the Ultimate Hockey Transformation System?

Ultimate Hockey Transformation

1 – Ultimate Hockey Transformation Manual
This manual lays out everything you need to successfully train using the Ultimate Hockey Transformation system, including the rationale for specific training strategies, cues on how to perform exercises with perfect technique, and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Total Value: $99.95

Ultimate Hockey Transformation Training Programs

2 – Ultimate Hockey Transformation: Training Programs
120 weeks of comprehensive, progressive, age-specific training programs designed specifi
cally to improve your game on the ice. Each program is laid out in the exact template we use at Endeavor Sports Performance, so you can simply print it out and take it with you to the gym.

Total Value: $1124.95


Ultimate Hockey Transformation Video Database

3 – Ultimate Hockey Transformation: Video Database
228 high quality videos demonstrating perfect technique for every exercise included in the program. Each exercise within the program is linked directly to the video and listed in alphabetical order in a separate video database sheet, so you can easily find the videos you need. This database allows you to get the professional demonstration you’d receive if you trained with me in person.

Total Value: $199.95

Ultimate Hockey Transformation-Warm-Ups

4 – Ultimate Hockey Transformation: Warm-Ups, Correctives, and Cooldowns
Specific off- and in-season warm-up, corrective exercise, and cooldown programs to help improve your durability and resiliency throughout the year.

Total Value: $49.95

Ultimate Hockey Transformation Performance Profiling Sheet

5 – Ultimate Hockey Transformation: Performance Profiling Sheet
I’ve created a custom-made excel spreadsheet with built-in formulas, so you can enter your testing data into an easy-to-read format, and specific measures will be calculated for you. This sheet provides a simple way for you to monitor your progress over time. Simply perform the testing battery described in the program, and enter your data; the sheet does the rest.

Total Value: $19.95

Ultimate Hockey Transformation Recovery Monitoring Log

6 – Ultimate Hockey Transformation: Recovery Monitoring Log
The Recovery Monitoring Log is a simple, but incredibly powerful questionnaire that provides ongoing information about whether you’re recovering adequately from your workouts. This sheet has built-in formulas to automatically calculate weekly averages so you can easily compare your energy and recovery levels from week to week and phase to phase.

Total Value: $19.95

That’s not all! If you act now, I’ll throw in these awesome bonuses…

Matt Siniscalchi-Dissecting Hockey Speed

Bonus #1: Dissecting Hockey Speed: Off-Ice Strategies to Develop Game Changing Speed from Matt Siniscalchi
Speed training expert Matt Siniscalchi identifies powerful technique and training strategies to help you maximize your speed potential.

Value: $29.95


Devan McConnell-Rising to the OccassionBonus #2: Rising to the Occasion: The Inside Track to Igniting Your College Hockey Career from Devan McConnell
Fresh off of training his team to an Elite Eight and Final Four finish in back to back years, NCAA D1 Strength and Conditioning Coach Devan McConnell gives you an inside look at what it takes to succeed at the collegiate level.

Value: $19.95


Anthony Donskov-One Day BetterBonus #3: One Day Better: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Hockey Players from Anthony Donskov
In this special report, former pro player and current hockey training specialist Anthony Donskov shares 7 intangibles that will make you a better player and teammate, and ultimately propel you to the next level.

Value: $19.95


Maria Mountain-Special Goalie ReportBonus #4: Special Goalie Report: Top 5 Exercises for Flexibility, Strength and Speed from Maria Mountain
Goalie training expert Maria Mountain shares 20 goalie-specific exercises to help maximize your performance in the crease.

Value: $29.95


Total Value of the Ultimate Hockey Transformation System: $1,514.50

Ultimate Hockey Transformation Pro Package

Regular Price Elite Package: $147
Elite-Package-Get-Access-Now-97Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident in the Ultimate Hockey Transformation System, that I’ll GUARANTEE it works for you. Now you can “test drive” the Ultimate Hockey Transformation program for the next 60 days with absolutely no risk at all. You are completely protected by my 100% money back guarantee.

If after 60 days you aren’t completely satisfied with this program, simply let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked.

Ultimate Hockey Transformation Pro Package

Regular Price Elite Package: $147
Elite-Package-Get-Access-Now-97Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

To your success,


Kevin Neeld
Creator, The Ultimate Hockey Transformation System

PS – If you are sick and tired of not having the strength, speed, or conditioning to showcase your abilities on the ice, then take advantage of the power of this comprehensive hockey training program!

PPS – Your satisfaction is backed by my 100% money back guarantee. There is literally no risk on your part to try this program. If you aren’t completely satisfied with Ultimate Hockey Transformation, please let me know within 60-days and I’ll gladly refund your entire investment.

“…one of the top professionals in the field of Sports Performance”

Dan Boothby“Kevin is one of the top professionals in the field of Sports Performance.  His credentials speak clearly for themselves.  Kevin possesses a vast variety of knowledge and skills sets that allow him to provide the highest level of care to his athletes.  He is not only a coach and educator to his athletes, but also an established educator and leader in the field.  I have been fortunate to know Kevin for several years, and can say for certain that I learn something new every time we talk or I see him present.  Kevin’s passion and constant pursuit of knowledge has not only supported the athletic development of his athletes, but has promoted the profession of sports performance.”

Dan Boothby MS. CSCS
Director of Strength and Conditioning, Northeastern University

“…they always come into camp healthy, well-conditioned, and prepared for the rigors of college hockey.”

Mike Kamal“Kevin has continued to be one of the foremost thinkers and resources when it comes to training the hockey athlete. I value the information, ideas, and products that he has shared with his fellow colleagues in the field. I’m also very lucky that some of our athletes have the ability to train with Kevin in the off-season, as they always come into camp healthy, well-conditioned, and prepared for the rigors of college hockey.”

Mike Kamal
Director of Strength and Conditioning, Merrimack College

“Kevin continually offers innovative and progressive training techniques supported by cutting edge research.”

Mike Elberty“Kevin Neeld provides athletes, coaches and training professionals a sound, science based, professional approach to performance development. In a field that is saturated with continually changing theory and application, Kevin provides a truly holistic and very effective educational philosophy. Kevin continually offers innovative and progressive training techniques supported by cutting edge research. He is a valued resource and his work is an integral part of our performance programs.“

Mike Elberty
Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach, St. Lawrence University

“When I am looking for ways to help my hockey players perform better on the ice…I turn to Coach Kevin Neeld.”

Maria Mountain“Trainers who can give you a laundry list of exercises are everywhere; you have to look farther to find a true professional strength and conditioning coach. When I am looking for ways to help my hockey players perform better on the ice and reduce their risk of injury, I turn to Coach Kevin Neeld.

Kevin is constantly looking for more effective methods of both assessment and training. I am indebted to him for introducing me to the Postural Restoration Institute. While other trainers are busy arguing about why their training is the best, Kevin is out making himself (and his athletes) better and better.

So when I am searching for the ‘next thing’ for recovery, strength, speed and stability I go to Kevin’s products and articles where I always get a fresh perspective. You may not be able to train with Kevin, but any hockey player can take a giant leap forward by following his techniques.”

Maria Mountain, MSc, CSCS
Certified Exercise Physiologist/Owner
Revolution Sport Conditioning

Anthony Donskov“I have known Kevin for over three years and consider him a close friend and fine Strength Coach!  Kevin provides a unique blend of knowledge and practical application that produces both exceptional educational content for his respective audience, and tangible athletic results for his training populations.  I highly recommend Kevin’s content!”

Anthony Donskov, MS, CSCS, PES
Founder: Donskov Strength & Conditioning, Inc.

Darryl Nelson“Kevin is a great resource.  He has taken the complex ideas behind posture and movement quality and made simple ways for any coach or player to apply them to training.”

Darryl Nelson, MEd, ATC
Strength and Conditioning Coach, US National Team Development Program

Matt Murray“Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Kevin directly regarding the training and rehabilitation of a few of my athletes. His insight has greatly helped me write programs to ensure these athletes came back from injury and remained healthy throughout the season. Kevin’s book has been a great resource in helping me write programs for my athletes while keeping them healthy and I will certainly continue to seek Kevin’s advice regarding strength and conditioning.“

Matt Murray, CSCS, USAW
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Maine Ice Hockey

Regular Price Elite Package: $147
Elite-Package-Get-Access-Now-97Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

PDF Image NOTE: Ultimate Hockey Transformation and the Nutrition Guide are downloadable products. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the materials and the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. If you have any questions regarding this product please contact me at


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